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Great video from one of my friends from Miami !

Ohhhh…!!! I love bankruptcy auctions… Got me this 2011 MBP with an SSD & 8 GB RAM for about $230 including taxes and fees ! :-)

In Sweden, Playboy is out in the rack with the other magazines AND without that plastic bag!! OMG!! ‘Merica can you believe that ?!?


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Expired film anyone?


I mean, the skinny inspiration for women is something like this:

Then the curvy inspiration for women usually looks like this:

But I’m neither, and the closest one to me is Kate. Like this:

I think the main thing is no matter women have to have this really curvy figure from the front,…

BDay present from the wife!! #winning #apple

Just saw an old blogspot account I had and found quite a few posts that not only take me back to another life, but that still hold true and still hits close to home…languages… Here is one originally posted Oct 7 2009:

Today’s post… is gonna be on the language called English! =)

So, I moved to the United States when I was 14 yrs old, I did not want to leave my homeland… I didn’t know any better.. but my parents thought it was a great idea and how glad I am now.. :) So anyway, I moved here, did not know more than 10 words in English and moved to New Orleans… lived there for about 3 months because my father did not find himself there and he had family here in Miami.. Soooooooo.. we moved to Miami.

Living here, I remember going to ESOL classes and taking classes in half Spanish and half English and I remember telling myself I will try my hardest to learn English because this whole thing of not knowing what others are saying about me and not getting exactly what people are saying is not very cool.

21 years later, now I can read, write and speak some English.. And going online it shows me that most people do not know how to speak or rather write English.. And this does not apply to immigrants or even recent immigrats, it applies to everyone.. Those who are totally anglo and those who are from non English speaking countries.

These are some of the things that drive me up the wall.. I can not believe that people do not respect the language enough to learn their own fucking language.

Sample #1
There, Their, They’re…

For the love of your own life and not looking ignorant… Jeeez…

There - when referring to a place, whether concrete (“over there by the table”) or more abstract (“it must be difficult to be stuck there”). 
I live over there. The book is there. Who went there?

Their - It is a possessive adjective and indicates that a particular noun belongs to them. 
That’s their car. Let’s go to their house. It’s their fault for not knowing how to write proper English.

They’re -  is a contraction of the words they and are. It can never be used as a modifier, only as a subject (who or what does the action) and verb (the action itself)
They’re crazy. They’re ignorant people who did not pay attention during English class. They’re not from here.

Sample #2
Where, were, we’re

Where - The term “where” is an adverb used to describe the location or place or specially “at, in or to what place.”
Where did you go ? Where are the models ? Where does it hurt ?

Were - The term “were” is the plural past tense of the verb “are.” The singular past tense of this verb is spelled “was.” The word is used to describe something that has already happened or is in the past. You should use the word “was” for the first and third person (I was late or she was late), and “were” for the singular and plural of the second person (You were late).
 We were at Starbucks last week. They were at the movies when we were at that starbucks.

We’re - 
The term “we’re” is a contraction or abbreviation of the words “we” and “are.” The letter a is replaced by an apostrophe. This word is used to describe something that is either happening now or will be happening in the future.
If you have difficulty remembering when to use this particular word, check if you can replace the word you have chosen with the words “we are.” If the sentence doesn’t make sense, you need to use the word “were” instead.
We’re at her house watching her get drunk. We’re going to shoot next week!

Here are other examples:

It’s - is a contraction for ‘it is’ or ‘it has’ and its is possessive.

Who’s - is a contraction for ‘who is’ and whose is possessive. 

You’re - is a contraction for ‘you are’ and your is possessive. 

oK, I feel a bit better now… I vented for a bit.. I hate when people make mistakes specially when every single computer out has a spell check and will tell u when u are fucking up… but then again, it’s not idiot proof.

Au Revoir!

Man… the amount of talented people on tumblr is unreal… wow.. wow… You guys are amazing!! *** respect *** !!

A couple of weeks ago, actually two weeks ago, I went to pick up Aragon from school. Between getting him to stop playing and putting his shoes back on and all that other things I have to deal with every time I go pick him up, on the way to the car Alma started crying and I was carrying Alma and some papers… and when I went to put Alma in the car I put the papers on the roof of the car being held down by my phone… hmmmm… not a good or intelligent choice… Well, of course I forgot I had them there and drove away.

A little over half way home I realize I do not have my phone, so I start thinking… and thinking and oh shit!!! I left it on the roof !!!!! Fuck me… So even though I had driven about 10 minutes I -HAD- to go back and see if I could find it…

I did not…

Got home, came online a bit bleh! Since the phone is shit, but all I could think of, when was the last time I backed it up.. Did I back up all of Alma’s photos and videos? Argh!!! I m going to have to re-do all my apps on all those folders… all of my 200+ apps… Fuck fuck fuck me!!!!

So I decided to go on icloud and check where the phone was…

And I saw this:

Oh shit!! 

Someone picked it up and took it to his/her house!!! Ah fuckers.. So I activated the lost function and left a note saying to call my wife’s number and that I could see where they had the phone ( gave him/her the closest intersection ) and that I could go pick it up once they talked to my wife.

Well, guess what… He called! SCORE!! He spoke to my wife to let her know that he had found the found how he had saved it from getting run over by a car… and that he could meet me near Aragon’s school the next day at around 4pm… What? Did my NSA, CIA playing work?!?!

So the next day, I check the phone again, to see what happened and this is the coolest part of it all… It tells you where your phone is and where has your phone gone from the moment you turn on the lost my iphone thingy… freaking crazy!!

That is SO bad ass !!

So, I met him at a Mcd and he was a very very nice guy who saw it fall and picked it up… etc.. I gave him $100 worth of gift cards as a thank you, I hope that, that was enough…

Yes, Im sure reason he returned it was because he is a nice person and not because of my NSA-esque messages… Im sure if it would have been someone else.. they would have turned the phone off and said fuck you! LOL

But I got the phone back and only because it has find my iphone!!

thank you!!!!

I know this has nothing to do with photography, but I wanted to share it anyways! :)

- dax

I updated the landing page on my website. This shot had been there, but I hired a guy to do the retouching for me, since I’m not that great at retouching :) If you have not been I have some new shots go check them out

  1. Camera: Nikon D300
  2. Aperture: f/13
  3. Exposure: 1/125th
  4. Focal Length: 34mm